Margaret Cho is the ultimate iconoclast. Without her, the comedy world, and the World at large would be a much more boring and far less insighful place. Not to mention the inroads she forged for so many female comedians, Asian comedians, and other “outsider” entertainers who came after her.I first inteviewed Margaret in 2001 and because of that interview have the perspective of the passage of time to understand how this incredible comedian has grown in so many ways. Although she has always been hilarious and talented, now, 11 years later, she has a solid sense of self, peace, real joy and perspective that has come with surviving many obstacles and doing things her own way.I find Margaret to be an incredibly underrated entertainer. As Margaret speaks about in our interview, Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general has typically tried to change her into something she isn’t rather than recognizing the beautiful, intellligent, and incredibly talented entertainer she is, just as she is.

I came away from this interview recognizing how fortunate the World is to have such an awesome, and seemingly enlightened human being in the World. Not to mention her neverending efforts towards equality among the GLBT population, women’s rights, and even financial equality through her support of the Occupy movement. Can she run for President please?

Where many people have failed at their endeavors in the entertainment industry, Margaret has endured. Not only has she been successful in stand-up and film, but she’s a talented singer with a beautiful voice.

Like she said in our interview, she just does what she wants. She’s done it her way and how many people can say that and mean it?


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