A listener of my show for a while now messaged this to me the other day on Facebook.   It is always a wonderful feeling when someone honors and respects and benefits from what you do, especially when this is a hobby for me.

His words really touched me and I felt so glad to know that the show I do does affect some people positively. ¬†Even if it’s only this one listener, or two, or three, it’s worth it to me.


I seriously want to thank you for everything. Not only have you been someone for me to talk to after so many friends have abandoned me, but you really get me and understand/relate to 99% of the things that I go through. Your show has helped me more than you know and if a a gay guy from a small town in Alabama can find meaning in life because of your show, then anyone can. You are a true inspiration to every gay person out there. You aren’t afraid to stand up and state the things you believe in. I’m so grateful to know such a kind and compassionate person as yourself. Like I’ve told you before, you are more “Christ-like” than any Christian I know. You stick your neck out for minorities and people who are discriminated against. Your character is something to yearn for and strive for. I hope to influence people as much as you do someday. For now, I’m trying my hardest to influence people I know through facebook and social media. It’s worked some times, but I’m trying to be more effective. Your show is real, authentic, and serves as a lighthouse for all the gay people who need some advice or comfort. You literally have no idea how far your love stretches. I know that in my life, so many things have changed and I’ve done so many things based on your thoughts and the love you show others. In this way, you’ve touched so many more lives than you can ever imagine. I know you and I are strong-willed people and sometimes tell people like it is, but at the end of the day, we are trying to save lives and make the world a better place for anyone who feels unequal or discriminated against. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the many things you’ve helped me with in my life. I seriously wouldn’t have had anyone to talk to had it not been for you. You are such a kindred spirit and you have such a beautiful soul. Your strength empowers me and your love for fighting for what’s right is what keeps me going as well. Together, we WILL change the world. Slowly, but surely, we can and WILL make a difference in the world. You are an amazing person, Donovan. Please never, ever forget the work you’ve done to help so many people, including me. I’m so glad to know you and I’m so grateful to have you in my life. Thank you again for all of the meaningful and inspirational discussions that we’ve had. I love hearing your advice. You genuinely care about the well-being of people and you take up for those who are harmed. This makes you such a wonderful person. You deserve all the happiness that you ever get in this life and others. Thank you.

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