So tonight’s show was about the ‘N’ Word and the ‘F’ Word.  I chose to discuss this after Paula Deen’s firing from the Food Network because of a hostile, racist work environment.

I kicked out Apocales from my chat room when he logged in because he only spouts racist rants and negative jabs at me.  After the show, he posted this on my BTR show page:


apocales comment copy


I am not sure how I could be intolerant of white people when I am 1/2 White and my husband is White and my entire family is White on my mom’s side. And if that’s what he gets out of my shows he hasn’t been listening especially when all I do is talk about racial equality for all races.  Straights are all of my friends with the exception of two gay friends.

As for using the N Word on my show, yes, I used it on my show because that is what we’re talking about.  I don’t use it in my private life or in any other way nor would I ever, it doesn’t ever even occur to me.  If the show is about the “N” word, we will be using it occasionally – obviously.

As for my father – my father did not ditch me, I ditched my father as anyone who listens to the show knows.

And as for talking about liberalism, Sexual Orientation and Race – Yeah well I am a Bi-Racial, Gay, Liberal – soooooooo yes, that is what I talk about on MY show.     Should I talk about “God and Country”?  Women’s cycles? Heterosexual relationships?  People talk about what they are, and therefore that’s what I choose to talk about the most, even if not all the time, a lot.

People like this love to hate me because their words are ineffectual and they have no power over me, and it drives them crazy.   So I know that everything I am doing is definitely right in line with what I should be doing.

Thanks for hating me! You know what they say, if you don’t have haters you aren’t doing anything worthwhile!


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