fair weather friends

I had a show tonight about “haters” and what that means.  During the show, a former friend’s boyfriend messaged me speaking on behalf of said former friend to tell me she was mad that I was talking about her on my show.

Well, all I said on my show was the truth – that she hung around a bunch of racist, homophobic, trash and wondered how she could expect me to continue being her friend.  I mean, has she HEARD my show?  All I ever talk about is equality and anti-bigotry in any kind and how INTOLERANT I am of ANY kind of bigotry.  Yet she remains friends with these people in spite of her friendship with me.

It’s not as if these friends of hers are just people that I disagree with politically, if that were the case it wouldn’t matter.  It’s that these people have continually called me faggot and MANY MANY far worse things over the past few months as well as done everything they could to say how horrible I am for being gay.   I mean, don’t you think that makes a bit of a difference?????   If a friend of a friend were calling you Faggot or Nigger or Kike or Spick or Cunt or whatever offensive word you can apply to yourself, wouldn’t it make you question your friendship with the person that remains friends with them?  And their true nature?  Yes, I believe it would.

Anyway, I guess some things are more powerful than friendship – like hatred – it’s a shame, because I really liked her.

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