da 16Yes, that’s me. I’m one of the multitude of gay men whom love and adore the turn of the 20th century aristocrat/servant melodrama set in Edwardian England in an old, enormous, presumably drafty estate.

It is intriguing to me the relationships that form and the breakdown and progression of societal norms and aristocracy which brought them down to a more even playing field with the burgeoning middle class of the time.

They even have a gay character ( a hot one), Thomas, that struggles to find his place in society while hiding his homosexuality. Of course, the fact that he is ALSO a conniving, two-faced, machiavellian ass hole doesn’t help his cause.   But I wonder what it would have been like for me to have been alive in that time and place.  It wouldn’t have been period considering I am bi-racial and gay and didn’t come from a wealthy family (although my ancestry on my mom’s side may have sufficed considering our noble lineage :)).  The reality is my life would have completely and utterly sucked ass.

Being gay today is no picnic but let’s face it, things have progressed well beyond the early ’20’s in England, and especially in America.  We have laws that protect us, thanks to President Obama and others before him and we are no longer shadowy figures in the background that people ascribe all sorts of horrible qualities too (most often pedophilia and sex maniacs by the most ignorant among us).  All considering, I am glad I didn’t live back then, for several reasons, but being a gay man today, especially an outspoken one like I am, isn’t exactly popular in more “conservative” circles, but that’s just the point I am making – I don’t give a fuck.  And I have the freedom not to.

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