Well, the lovely ignorance and witty repartee never ends on Blogtalk Radio.

Today, in a chatroom, I was accosted by CFGA (AKA Rapidfire) stating he “killed faggots like you when I was a Cop”.  Then proceeded to tell me he had 50 guns.  I told him to bring it on ass hole. It only takes 1 gun to shoot him back. Ironically, this guy’s avatar is of a DOVE (as seen above).  The symbol of peace and harmony.   I guess irony is lost on rednecks.

The thing is, this kind of talk doesn’t scare me. It never has, it just serves to show was a fucking idiot this guy is.   He probably has a small penis, repressed homosexual tendencies and an IQ of 2 which is why he hates gays and anyone better than he is (which is pretty much the entire population of Earth).

I also wonder how people with such bigotry and hatred ever get to be cops, if he ever were indeed a cop.  They are supposed to weed out these idiots but if you think about it, who is running the show?  More idiots like them, so of course they’re going to hire more.

I have known of many, many cops whom were homophobic, it’s almost expected.  It seems to me the ones whom are liberal minded, open minded people should be cops.  Those without hair trigger tempers or major biases against people.  They are sworn to “protect and serve” right?   However, it always seems to be the High School rejects that end up being in law enforcement rather than those with brains and a sense of right and wrong.

I guess if you have brains you don’t need to become a cop right? You can become an attorney or Judge or the President.  How many former cops have you known that became President?  None that I know of either.  Unfortunately we leave the protection of our society in the hands of these ignorant bafoons to depends upon when we are in a time of need.

Not all cops are like CFGA, there are good cops, of course.   But more and more it seems corruption and prejudice are overtaking the police forces throughout this nation.

Let’s hope that people like this not only never are in a position of power but are simply obliterated from the planet.  We don’t need more ignorance. We need more acceptance.


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